The interview with TrustCSR for Lauren & Goldie

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 12:49 pm

The interview:

On the day of my interview I was very nervous. When I arrived at the office for the interview I was warmly welcomed and Goldie was not paid any attention because if she is made a fuss of when she is guiding this distracts her and can be dangerous for the both of us. We were led in to the board room where I met Benjamin the managing director and Trudi the business development manager. Both people wanted to get to know me. They were interested in my achievements and keen to learn how having an employee who is blind might work. I explained all about the soft wear that I used. I explained how I am a hard worker and dedicated and also was keen to outline my abilities and the advantages of having a disabled employee. They were also interested in Goldie how she helps and how she would fit in to office life.

After my interview I was told that I would hear back in the next couple of days. I was shocked to find an email when I got home inviting me for a taster session to see how Goldie and I would work as part of the team and if my technology would work. This is a step that the trust partnership and TrustCSR do for every potential employee and it was very reassuring to know that I was able to meet everyone before I started and that a decision was not made on a 1-hour interview. At the taster session I read documents, wrote letters and got to know the team. I was offered the job the same day and was delighted to accept the offer.