Beginning employment: Lauren & Goldie

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 12:51 pm

Beginning working for Trust CSR and setting up access to work:

After accepting the job, I had many additional things that I needed to sort out, for example; I needed to set up access to work (a government scheme that supports disabled people in work by providing equipment and support with additional travel expenses), I needed to learn my route to work (its not as easy as telling Goldie to take me to work and her just doing it!) and assessing what equipment I might need before meeting with access to work.

I am fortunate to be supported by an amazing mobility team at guide dogs. A few days after getting my job offer I was out with my mobility instructor learning the route from my house to the train station. My mobility instructor also came to work to help build Goldieā€™s spending run (a metal structure in which Goldie goes to toilet) and suggesting that work buy astro turf for her. Benjamin quickly did this and it was all in place before I arrived for my first day at work. And she also explained sight loss to my colleagues teaching them sighted guiding and letting them know the specifics of what I can see (some light and some colours).