A Day at Number 11 for our employee Lauren Pitt

Monday, November 21st, 2016 10:54 am

11 Downing street:

On Thursday 27 October Lauren, along with a number of Guide dog’s employees and people from the charities MIND, Alzheimer’s Society, Lenard Cheshire disability, Water Aid and Canal and Rivers trust attended a reception at 11 Downing street. This reception was to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the launch of the Scouts A Million Hands Project. This project is about half a million young people committed to removing social barriers, connecting communities and improving lives.

The A Million Hands Project sees Scouts across the country selecting and supporting a charity from the above attendees. They then learn about the charity and the people they support and proceed to make a difference in their community by carrying out social action projects. The Charities that are supported by a Million Hands pitched to a group of scouts who chose which issues they were going to support. Lauren was a part of the initial pitch for Guide dogs in 2014. The partnership has already changed communities and this is why everyone came together at 11 Downing Street to celebrate the project with each other and a number of MP’s. It was a huge privilege for Lauren to be invited to this event and educate a number of attendees about the life changing work of Guide dogs and to see what an impact A Million Hands is already having on the Charities and Young people.